• elm
  • haskell
  • sass
  • postgres
  • docker
Send a message. Decide when they see it.

I developed SandCapsule together with @hecrj back in early 2017 mainly for fun and to give Elm and Haskell (two pure functional languages) a test run (before deciding if we would use them in a more serious project). At first we released it for ourselves, and since then we’ve used it to surprise some of our friends and loved ones, make predictions of some games or TV shows, and to send our friends silly messages.

Screenshots of SandCapsule

Main challenges

  • Adapting our thought process to the functional paradigm.
  • Making the app SEO- and OpenGraph-friendly.
  • Designing and writing a responsive app layout with mobile in mind.
  • Working intensively with times and timezones.


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