• elm
  • pwa
  • ruby
  • postgres
  • rabbitmq
  • kubernetes
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I am one of the co-founders of, an ed-tech startup that’s been on production since late 2016 and now helps hundreds of teachers provide a better experience to their students.

On the technical side, we are a 2-person team (@hecrj and I) who take care of the full stack, from graphical design to deployment and infrastructure monitoring.

Main challenges

  • Building interactive presentations in real time with WebSocket.
  • Making the app a Progressive Web Application our users can install and use offline.
  • Automating the full development cycle, from commit to deployment, via Kubernetes.
  • Ensuring the application is free of runtime errors, self-healing and easy to maintain.
  • Optimizing the user acquisition and retention pipeline based on analytical data.


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